Gopal Subramanium: UK constitution would be "Magna Carta for the future"

Gopal Subramanium is a leading advocate for a written constitution in the UK. He suggests the document could rectify inequality across all four UK nations, and address the lack of clarity in UK governance.

One pressing issue is the declining access to care and ongoing poverty in the UK. Subramanium believes a written constitution can obligate the government to address the issue. He also calls for a multi-member commission process to introduce brand-new perspectives to help modernise laws, and believes advances in technology could accelerate the drafting process.

Historically, the UK has played a pivotal role in shaping various fundamental constitutional concepts such as the rule of law, the tradition of civil service, and the cabinet structure led by the Prime Minister. Subramanium is confident that adopting a written constitution would encourage other nations to adopt similar constitutional principles too.

For Subramanium, a written constitution in the UK is a "Magna Carta for the future", ensuring personal freedom, autonomy, and a collective spirit of empathy and understanding.

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