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The official home for the academic, research, and philanthropic work of Gopal Subramanium

The Academic Office of Gopal Subramanium

Breaking down barriers to knowledge and creating impact through academia, interdisciplinary research, and philanthropy.

The Academic Office of Gopal Subramanium engages in a diverse range of research activities worldwide, including funding multidisciplinary research projects, partnering with world-leading institutions, and conducting proprietary research into mental health and global law issues. This website seeks to provide an official home and record for this work.

While diverse, this work is unified by a core belief that solving difficult and intractable problems — whether legal or social — demands a truly multidisciplinary approach, blending the best knowledge and expertise from different fields. We believe fundamentally that only by leveraging the unrivalled power of multidisciplinary research can we overcome major global challenges, and ultimately, breakdown those challenges to knowledge.

Examples of this approach include Gopal Subramanium’s research into the applicability of psychology, behavioural science, and evolutionary concepts to law, human rights, and the protection of justice.

We realise our mission by partnering with leading academic, research and third-sector organisations to advance streams of research and study across legal philosophy and jurisprudence, mental health, bioscience, neurology, psychology, social science, and the humanities.

In August 2020, Gopal Subramanium opened the Subramanium Study Centre, based at the Prince of Wales International Centre in Oxford. The Centre will provide a home for collaboration, drawing on the unique research capabilities at the University of Oxford. With a specific focus on mental health, the Centre principally seeks to advance the understanding of mental health and support the discovery of new treatments for mental health disorders, including clinical depression, Alzheimer's, and schizophrenia.

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