Gopal Subramanium discusses the importance of mental health

Gopal Subramanium is a long-term, committed supporter of mental health causes. This includes his involvement in the Subramanium Study Centre which seeks to understand mental health illnesses and support the discovery of new treatments. Subramanium founded and launched the centre, which is based in the Prince of Wales International Centre for SANE Research, in 2020 and remains deeply involved.

Subramanium believes that mental health is the greatest challenge to human existence. For too long, it has been assumed that mental illnesses only affect a very small subsection of society and that they will not impact most healthy people. However, research is revealing how prevalent mental illnesses are and how deeply they can impact the most successful, intelligent, and physically healthy in society.

In the video below, Subramanium explains why mental health is such an important cause to him and to the people it impacts.

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